Conference Agile Spain 2022

My CAS2022 summary. The Conference Agile Spain 2022 has been celebrated in the north west of Spain, in the city of A Coruña. This year the event has gather around 800 agilists after the pandemic. The key speakers this year had a very complementary approach sharing ideas about scaling agile with LeSS by Bas Vodde,... Leer más →

How to help your people to become leaders

In this post I want to share some ideas I gathered from David Marquet's book Turn the Ship Around! This book is totally worthy. His ideas came from the time he was running a nuclear submarine of the US Navy, but definitely all of them can be applied to teams and organizations, specially those trying... Leer más →

What can you learn from Nadal?

One of the biggest challenges all the organizations are facing nowadays is the adoption of new businesses models and to continuously improve their status quo. Sometimes these continuous modifications fall into the emptiness of implementing changes on an organizational level without certain values, principles or believes. An extraordinary way to look at it and to... Leer más →

How to be a better Scrum Master

Who doesn't want to be better? In fact, who isn't working every day to be better when using Agile? Those essential questions are good, but they are not enough. We really have to pay attention on the details, that is what makes the difference. Being a servant leader is not easy, specially for Scrum Masters.... Leer más →

The real mission of Agile Software Development

Simon Sinek, in the outstanding book of “Start With Why” explains how the successful organizations start their communication from the inside out, starting with WHY they do what they do, then they go through HOW they do it and at the end they share WHAT they do. The idea is pretty simple although, he explains... Leer más →

To Kill an Agile Bird

Recently I read the amazing book To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. I strongly recommend the book if you didn’t have the change to read it before. One of the main characters, the father, Atticus Finch, in a particular moment of the story, says to his daughter “that he was defending a Negro by the... Leer más →

Resumen charla Henrik Kniberg, ALI2018

Volvemos a la carga en esta ocasión con un artículo resumen sobre la presentación principal de Henrik Kniberg en el evento sobre Agilidad y Lean que tuvo lugar esta semana en Dublín, el ALI2018. Si quieres saber quien más estuvo en el evento y repasar algunos comentarios de los key speakers, puedes echar un vistazo... Leer más →

Interview with Barry Overeem

As you probably know from other posts, this week I was attending the Agile Lean Ireland 2018 in Dublin. I want to use this blog to share some of my insights about the talks and the conversations with other people. In this post, I want to share an interview with Barry Overeem, here a link... Leer más →

Interview with Jeff Gothelf

--.-- (version en español al final del artículo) This week I had the opportunity to attend the ALI2018 (Agile Lean Ireland) in Dublin. I’d like to share with you some of my impressions about the talks and the people here in a couple of articles on the blog. First things first, this was my second... Leer más →

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